360 degree sound-light concert | HOW-TO album release | AQB | 2022

360 degree sound-light concert | HOW-TO album release | AQB | 2022

Sound & Light Concert

After the pandemic the group left the usual concert hall performances and started searching for new spaces and atmospheres. Leaving the world of clubs, the release of the newest album of mïus, titled How To was organized in front of 120 people in the industrial spaces of Art Quarter Budapest.

They filled the the space of the former brewery with sound and fog for a night, where light started a dialogue with analogue musicality as a plastic and geometric form. They created a hybrid combination of genres which pushes the mentality of a traditional concert towards audiovisual performance, live act and light art sound-space installation, hence the transition between installation and concert erases the borders between the spectator and the band.

The concert installation was built specifically for the space, it was a 360 degrees creation of space musically and visually as well, where there was a fully discoverable sense of sound and light, which altered according to the location, it could be heard and seen.

Visual plan

AQB Art Quarter Budapest

Electronics, keys – Gergely ÁLMOS
vocals – Raf SKOWROŃSKI
piano, keys – Szilvia VÁRNAI
drums – Kristóf GULYÁS
bass guitar – Tamás MEZEY

Stage design – Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS, Gergely ÁLMOS
Visual, Vjing: Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS
LED lamp programming – Ákos SZILÁGYI

recording engineer – Dávid KOVÁCSOVICS sound/visual system engineer – Adorján TRIFF