an audiovisual sound/light concert by mïus & attaray visual

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Signed to Théque Records and Berlin’s respected Sonar Kollektiv label, Mïus is the music project of Budapest-based artist Gergely Álmos. Coming from architecture he defines his music as a ‘multi-art project’ where different fields of self-expression meet each other.

Andrea Sztojanovits, who performs under the moniker of Attaray Visual, graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Doctoral School of the Academy in Budapest and presently she teaches audiovisual and light art at the university.

Naked Waves concert at Art Quarter Budapest 04/30/2022

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Some selected concerts

Some selected concerts:
04/30/2022 mïus x Attaray Visual – „How To” concert, Art quarter, Budapest
10/21/2021 mïus X Attaray Visual | Études au Toldi | live session
05/09/2020 LUDWIG LIVE: MÏUS X ATTARAY VISUAL, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
11/29/2019 Electronica: Vision of Sound, Rich Mix, London, UK
05/18/2019 mïus x Changing Grey | Akvárium Klub, Budapest
10/06/2018 Mïus / Girls in Pearls, A38, Budapest
09/21/2018 Live Cinema Festival, Rome, Italy
06/05/2018 Mïus x Attaray Visual | guest: Shaibo – MAPS concert, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
05/12/2018 mïus ‘Twentytwo 22’ lemezbemutató | vendég: iamyank, Akvárium Club, Budapest
12/30/2017 MÏUS ft. Dóri Hegyi & Zolo // TAPE DELAY – Akvárium Club, Budapest
06/17/2017 Mïus ft. Hegyi Dóri | Tilos Maraton, Dürer garden, Budapest
05/28/2017 Splice Festival, Rich Mix, London, UK
03/24/2017 Mïus X Attaray Visual, Ludwig Museum, Budapest
03/04/2017 NVC 12 \ Secret Cinema & Egbert / Nathan Fake / Ital Tek, Akvárium Club, Budapest
11/04/2016 Telekom Electronic Beats Festival Budapest, Akvárium Club, Budapest
10/22/2016 Mïus EP-release / JÓGA (PL) / Barkóczi Noémi, A38, Budapest
05/28/2016 Mïus LIVE ACT X Attaray Visual // ROM 2016, MüSzi, Budapest
04/14/2016 VOLKOVA SISTERS Albumbemutató / mïus / 12z, A38, Budapest
02/20/2016 Mïus feat Vera Jonas & Dóri Hegyi, barbarastahl, A38, Budapest
12/11/2016 mïus LIVE feat Vera Jónás & Dóri Hegyi / Eingengrau album release concert Toldi, Budapest

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