LIVE CINEMA FESTIVAL | AV live | Rome | 2018

LIVE CINEMA FESTIVAL | AV live | Rome | 2018


Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome

“See the sounds, listen to the images”.
5 th edition of the “Live Cinema” festival, an experimental narrative technique applied to audiovisual performances that produces a simultaneous and in real-time creation of sounds and images.

8 countries involved, live cinema performances, screenings and workshops for a festival that reflects the spirit of our era in which technology has totally invaded every aspect of our lives: “Live Cinema Festival”, the international event focused on the most innovative performances of audiovisual live shows.

An international cast of artists will perform live unreleased works or hosted for the first time in Italy, realized in real-time for a synaesthetic and hyper-sensorial experience.
For the first time hosted at Palazzo delle Esposizioni.”

Live Cinema Festival
photo: Gergely Álmos

LECTURE during the festival

Art and technology through sounds and images

Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS (Attaray Visual)
Gergely ÁLMOS (Mïus)

length: 90min


How can you find human existance, creativity, self-expression using a system written by 0s and 1s (yes and no)? An architect/musician Gergely Álmos attempts to give answer to this question through his insights into creating/designing methods and also through the experience of live A/V performances with visual artist/VJ Andrea Sztojánovits.

Signed to Berlin’s respected Sonar Kollektiv label, Mïus is the music project of Budapest-based artist Gergely Álmos. Coming from architecture he defines his music as a ‘multi-art project’ where different fields of self-expression meet each other.


The roots of the audiovisual approach go back to the times when the artist, and scientist started dealing with ‘audible’ image and ‘visible’ music. Progressive audiovisual art is built upon the methods and tools of traditional audiovisual technologies, uses the results of classical and contemporary image and music, and keeps up with the daily changing technologies and processes, so as to create vivid and exciting contents. The presentation aim to open the knowledge about thinking methodologies of vjing, how can we discuss it rahter as an expression method than an artform.

Andrea Sztojanovits, who performs under the moniker of Attaray Visual, graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Doctoral School of the Academy in Budapest.