THE NEST | AV/AR installation | Lighthouse | 2021

THE NEST | AV/AR installation | Lighthouse | 2021


interactive audiovisual light installation

In this interactive light installation, sacrality and the scientific world view meet the ancient country lore, allowing a glimpse into the saint mystery of creation and life. NEST unfolds as the symbol of the absolute and complex nature of life in its initial and extensive form, from behind the shopwindow of Lighthouse Gallery.

With the help of their phones, by utilizing the medium of augmented reality, visitors can activate the visual composition, an extension of physical embodiment, coded by AR technologies. The visual spectacle layers, accompanied by an audio composition, thanks to Gergely Álmos (mïus), can be accessed via the free Artivive application.

Installation: Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS
Music: Gergely ÁLMOS

Special thanks: Balázs SKORÓ, Dániel SZENDEFF
Creative management: Let it Be! art agency
Organizers: Déri Museum, dr. István PUSKÁS, Lighthouse
Co-organizers: Csokonai Theater, Cívis Ház
Supported by: National Cultural Fund of Hungary

THE NEST at Lighthouse 360 | 2021


360 degree audiovisual installation

„Artists of Lighthouse creative group present a moving version of their selected light art at the Hangvilla building’s elliptical chamber hall. At the audiovisual installation space, the more than 30 m long, monumental motion picture envelops the viewer, changing their sense of space with light and movement. The hectic phenomena of plasma, post-apocalyptic space travel, the chaotic nature of vortex, the horizon of light reflections, the boundless extension and a hologram of the universe guides you into space-time continuum.”

Animation: Andrea SZTOJÁNOVITS
Music: Gergely ÁLMOS